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Why You Should Use One Provider for Your Cable and Internet Needs

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Homeowners looking for cable and internet providers have two options: using a single company for both services or subscribing for each service separately. If you wish to use one provider for your cable and internet needs, Teleful Connect is here to help. We work with leading providers that cover your home needs in internet, cable TV, and home security. Our team can help you find the best providers, packages, and bundles in your area. 

You can get internet services from one company and cable TV from another. The option is still standard, but many homeowners are moving to bundled services from the same provider. Working with a single company for both services comes with straightforward benefits, from cost-saving to reducing clutter. Below are six top reasons why you should use a single cable and internet provider instead of subscribing separately:

1.    Better Savings

At Teleful Connect, we work with different cable and internet providers, each with unique packages for their clients. We've seen providers increasingly merge their cable internet and TV services and offer customers attractive discounts. You can save much more when purchasing internet TV bundles than buying internet and cable TV separately. 

Bundling offers discounts and other bonuses like discounted or free installation. The bundles also feature more services that you’d otherwise pay for separately as add-ons if you’re dealing with different companies. Getting your internet and cable services from the same company allows you to leverage bundle discounts and extras.

2.    Consolidated Bills

If you get internet services from one company and cable TV from another, you’ll receive two separate bills from different companies. Managing two bills is both costly and inconvenient. You must pay the two bills separately to distinct accounts with exclusive transaction fees and deadlines. The companies may also expect payments on different days of the month.

Working with the same company for your internet and cable makes bill management effortless. You only have to make one payment covering all services. You’ll therefore incur a single transaction fee and can make payments on the same day of the month. Bill consolidation is more convenient since you only deal with one account and subscription.

3.    Higher Accountability

Working with a single company for cable and internet makes it easier to hold a provider accountable for any problems that may arise. With multiple service providers, it can be difficult to pinpoint which one is responsible for an installment issue or a need for repair. It is also easier to cancel or update a subscription account when everything is bundled under one provider. 

At Teleful Connect, we take pride in providing top-quality cable, internet, and TV services. Our experts can help you handle installations, repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting. You can easily schedule a service and track accounts, reports, and usage.

4.    Increased Scalability

Depending on your needs, you may need to scale internet and cable packages up or down. If you're away on vacation, there's no reason to continue paying for extra TV channels and internet access. You can scale down the package or customize it to fit your changing demands. Dealing with the same company makes it easier to switch channels and bandwidth. 

Scaling is also completed swiftly when using the same company for internet and cable. Working with separate companies can be time-consuming. You'll need to send customization requests to both companies and may not find matching packages. Providers also tend to offer binding contracts for single services like internet or cable, making the service harder to scale.

5.    Reduced Clutter

If you're concerned about clutter, extra hardware, and running cables, choose the same provider for your internet and cable. Working with one company will result in less hardware. The company will only need one cable box strategically positioned to serve your home. Less hardware is also cost-effective and demands low maintenance.

Using internet and cable from separate companies will involve two different installations. Each company will set up a cable box with running cords that may cause confusion and clutter. You'll also need more hardware and high maintenance, which can impact costs. Dealing with a single company with bundled services is the best way to reduce installation clutter.

6.    Efficient Support

At Teleful Connect, we understand customer support's critical role in home internet and cable services. All providers we work with offer 24/7 customer service through various ticketing systems. Reaching the support desk is more convenient when you get your cable and internet from the same company. Use the provided channels for inquiries.

Dealing with two companies means you have to contact each separately. It may take some back-and-forth communication with the two companies before one agrees to troubleshoot the issue. Working with one provider allows you to secure a single support ticket and resolve your problem from the same desk. You can ask the same support member about your internet and cable.

Other Benefits of Dealing With One Company

We recommend working with the same company for your internet and cable needs because of convenience. You can leverage bundling packages to secure internet, cable, and phone service. Our providers offer email support, domain registration, web hosting, security services, software packages, and more. You'll find many packages to choose from, including offers with non-binding contracts that you can cancel at any time.

One benefit of working with the same company is the option of removing data caps. Our providers feature internet cable bundles with zero data caps, meaning you can browse without worrying about exceeding data limits. Reports are also easier to review from one dashboard. Other benefits include comprehensive discounts designed to cover internet and TV services.

Leading Cable and Internet Providers

Are you looking for the best cable and internet providers in your area? You can compare top-rated companies to determine if their packages are worthwhile. Dealing with one company is generally better than two, but you should consider all options. Some homeowners prefer to work with providers specializing in the internet and others for cable TV.

At Teleful Connect, we connect you to the best internet and cable providers. We will help you review existing companies, connection types, internet TV bundles, discounts, contract/no-contract options, and more. Our providers are also home security solutions and cellphone service experts, so you can get everything under one roof.