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What Is Internet TV and How Does It Work?

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In 2022, a fast and reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury; it is essential. Video streaming has changed the way we watch our favorite shows and connect to pop culture. At Teleful Connect, we'll help you learn more about internet TV and shop for the internet TV bundles that are right for you and your family.

What is Internet TV?

Since 2007, online streaming services like Netflix have been replacing video rental stores as the principal method for families and individuals to enjoy video content at home. Streaming services now bring new media into our homes on the small screen. Cable providers have been slow to adopt online streaming services, but are starting to offer these programs to their customers. You may have had trouble watching your favorite cable programs with online streaming services because of contracts with cable companies.

Cable companies are starting to compromise and work with online streaming providers to make their content more widely available. The technology to watch TV programming via online streaming services is what we call internet TV.

Differences Between Cable and Internet TV

If you're new to the concept of internet TV and streaming media, you might be asking yourself: how this model is different from cable? One aspect of internet TV that many people enjoy is the option to watch your shows on-demand. Recording your favorite programs is a thing of the past, because they're ready to watch anytime. Some shows are important to watch live, like sports and local news. Many internet TV bundles offer some kind of live broadcasting system so that you can still watch the news with your morning cup of coffee.

One of the greatest things about moving away from cable TV is the freedom of choice. Cable providers are known for locking you into contracts with a setlist of channels. If they want to add a specific channel, customers are often told that they need to purchase an expensive upgrade. With internet TV, you'll only pay for the channels and programs that you enjoy.

At Teleful Connect, we can help you sort through the various internet TV providers in your area to set you up with the best plan for you and your family. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring you a custom channel line-up at the best prices. That's another reason why internet TV may suit so many customers. Many people can save money when switching their internet and TV providers. 

One possible hindrance to getting internet TV is your online connection speed. You'll need to have fast enough internet speeds for quality streaming. A quality stream is free of video or audio stutters and has a high-resolution picture. For people in areas where high-speed internet is not possible, cable television may offer a better quality image and watching experience.

Why You Should Sign Up for Internet TV

Satisfaction with Service

Cable companies are consistently ranked among the worst in customer service in the United States. The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranks companies in the US each year based on customer questionnaires. In 2019, the bottom four companies for customer satisfaction were cable providers.

The unfortunate news is that these cable providers are sometimes the only companies that provide internet connection. When you switch to internet TV though, you'll have more control over your customer service since any issues with your streaming service will be handled by that company.

Break the Cable Monopoly

We mentioned that cable companies are sometimes the only source of internet service in an area. In the early 2000s, laws were changed that allowed cable providers to merge, an option previously disallowed. These conglomerates now control a considerable share of the market. Cable TV used to be provided by small local broadcasting companies. These small providers have been combined into just four major cable companies in the last twenty years. These four companies have been responsible for forty mergers or acquisitions since 1995.

In 2017, those four companies controlled 95% of the cable market. If you're one of the Americans that believes in supporting smaller companies and breaking up monopolies, then cutting the cord with cable is one way to do that.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Most people are already equipped for internet TV if they've been connected to the internet before. You'll need a modem and a router to establish an internet connection. The modem connects your home to the outside internet, and the router makes it available as Wi-Fi for everyone on your network. Work with a company like Teleful Connect to find out what internet providers work in your area and if you can get high-speed internet in your home.

You'll also need a high-definition TV and audio set-up. Of course, the TV you've been using is a great choice, but you may get a better viewing experience if you upgrade to newer technology. The same is true for audio systems like soundbars and surround sound systems. The audio from your TV is just fine, but you deserve the best. Switching your TV provider is a great reason to look at upgrading your home entertainment system.

If you're new to internet TV, you'll need to replace your cable box with a streaming device of some kind. There are several on the market at different price points. This is a box that you'll plug into your TV, just like your cable box, and connect to Wi-Fi. Once connected, this streaming device will offer you access to all your streaming services and apps in one easy-to-find location. Common streaming devices are Roku, the Amazon Fire Stick, and the Apple TV.

Shop for Internet TV Bundles

If you're ready to join the cord-cutters and sign up for an internet TV bundle, Teleful Connect can get you started. We'll work to find you the best speeds for your budget and whatever your internet streaming needs are. We also offer bundles with home security to protect your family and investments. Visit our website to learn more about internet TV bundles and get connected.