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Living With Roommates? Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet Service

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Living with roommates can help you cut costs but sharing bandwidth can slow down internet connections, especially if some are streaming videos and playing games. At Teleful Connect, we work with leading internet providers that can help you set up speedy and reliable connections, even when you are sharing housing. Here are tips to get the most out of your internet service when living with roommates:

1.    Subscribe to a Fast Internet Service

One advantage of living with roommates is that you can split the costs of utilities. If everyone wants to connect to the internet, you should review existing plans and choose one with enough bandwidth. You can calculate how much bandwidth you and your roommates need to browse without issues. Teleful Connect will help you find the best providers in your area to set up the home internet connection.

You can switch service providers or upgrade to a higher plan if you already have a connection. Ask your roommates to chip in and share the cost, so everyone can browse without suffering slow connections. You don't have to sign up for the fastest internet service possible. Find a plan that will cover your basic needs. Boosting network speed is the simplest solution when sharing internet service with roommates.

2.    Use Ethernet Instead of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can give you more freedom but can suffer from multi-user congestion and signal obstructions. The network speed will slow down if more people are connected, or if you are connecting from the other side of the wall. Ethernet connections are more stable and don't suffer signal interruptions caused by obstacles like walls. Wi-Fi connections are half-duplex, while Ethernet is full-duplex, which means Wi-Fi is slower than Ethernet.

If you use laptops and desktops, Ethernet cables provide the ideal connection. Teleful Connect can help you set up strong Ethernet connections with the best service providers in your area. The caveat is you may not find Ethernet helpful when using phones and tablets. You can check whether your router has a Gigabit port and your PC has a Gigabit network controller. Gigabit connections are up to ten times faster than regular Ethernet ports.

3.    Upgrade Your Wireless Equipment

Relying on Ethernet alone isn't practical for most people, given the convenience of using phones and tablets. If you prefer wireless connections, you can get around congestion and slow connections by upgrading the equipment. You don't have to use the standard routers and modems with most wireless installations. Contact us at Teleful Connect to learn about faster models and wireless routers that can support higher signal strengths.

We can help you identify the best equipment based on your needs. Hardware updating can be accomplished in bits, so you don't need to buy everything at once. Even small upgrades can result in a big difference in the signal quality. Talk to your roommates about the different equipment to determine the most cost-effective options. You can also invest in powerline adaptors to plug directly into the network regardless of your distance from the router.

4.    Leverage Internet TV Bundles

Internet TV bundles allow you to merge your internet and TV channels into one convenient service and bill. Purchasing bundles has many benefits, from cost-saving to zero data caps, easy scaling, less hardware, and reduced clutter. If your roommates also love to watch TV shows and stream movies, bundling can resolve your internet issues. Teleful Connect will help you find the best packages and discounts for your needs.

Bundled internet and TV services eliminate data caps, so you can browse, watch movies and play games without restrictions. You can stop worrying about exhausting your internet. The monthly bill is also easier to manage because you're dealing with the same company for cable and internet services. You can also trade some channels to enjoy faster internet speeds and cancel the subscription anytime without paying extra.

5.    Encrypt the Network

Living with roommates will expose your network passwords to multiple devices, and other people can easily gain access. You can log into your router to change the Wi-Fi password and block unauthorized users. Only give the passwords to roommates and restrict the number of devices that can connect to the network. You can also specify the IP addresses authorized to access the network to block unauthorized devices.

Skilled hackers may still get behind your passwords and built-in encryptions. Teleful Connect can help you find top-rated third-party security solutions designed to weed out unauthorized users. We’ll examine your network for vulnerable access points and find the best programs to protect you from hackers. Encrypting the network will help keep unwanted users at bay, including roommates who don’t want to pay for their usage.

6.    Extend Wi-Fi Network

Sometimes you experience speed and connectivity issues despite your router being in the best location. We recommend extending your Wi-Fi network using new devices designed to stretch the network range. You can invest in a Wi-Fi booster that sits between your router and the dead zone. Boosters amplify and redistribute signals, extending their reach. You can also use wired access points that connect to the router using an Ethernet cable.

Other options include powerline extenders and mesh Wi-Fi systems. Choose a solution that suits your floor plan. Teleful Connect can link you with reputable providers to assess your needs and determine the best way to overcome dead zones. The provider may also recommend changing the Wi-Fi frequency channel manually. Changing frequency channels can resolve slow network issues stemming from crowded channels shared with neighbors.

Other Tips for Sharing Internet With Roommates

Teleful Connect recommends choosing the best internet providers to guarantee reliable connections. You should also turn off the connection when no one is using it to avoid illegal downloading and file sharing. Leading providers are committed to security and fair use, so it will be easy to find the support you need. Other tips include updating your route’s firmware, adjusting router antennas and settings, and troubleshooting network problems.

Leading Internet Providers

Subscribing to trustworthy providers is the best way to get the most out of your internet service. Leading internet services will provide proper installation, quality equipment, 24/7 support, and top-notch security features. You can also leverage bundling, discounts and freebies. Let Teleful Connect help you find the most trustworthy providers in your area to cover all your home needs in cable, internet, and security.