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Eight Ways To Make Your Home Internet Network Secure

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Are you a consumer looking for premier internet service options in your area? As you search for internet providers, look to those that provide you with the most secure experience. By making these factors a priority, your home will stand to have the most reliable internet service.

At Teleful Connect, we strive to ensure that consumers like you can find providers that bring you world-class internet service. We believe every consumer should have access to the best quality service options, no matter where they live.

Online security has become an increasingly urgent need in today's modern world. Today, we'll discuss some tips to help make your home internet more secure.

Use Strong Website And Internet Passwords

As you establish your internet service, you'll want to use strong passwords to help enhance your online security. When setting up your password, avoid using short and evident phrases.

You also want to avoid including personal facts in a password. These actions can open you up to online attacks.

Here are some tips you can follow to help you set up website and internet passwords:

  • Add the right mix of upper and lower case letters.
  • Avoid using passwords from before.
  • Be sure your password has 12 or more characters.
  • Implement password managers if you have multiple online accounts.
  • Use special characters in your passwords (A, $, #, etc.).
  • Utilize password checkers or managers to test out your password strength.

With strong passwords, you'll be able to dissuade online hackers and make the best out of your service.

Set Up A VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) can also provide you with a more secure connection. VPNs act as a line of defense between your devices and your internet. These networks can benefit you if you're on a public network. You can also utilize them to give your home's Wi-Fi extra security.

To gain access to a VPN, you can obtain free online tools or get a monthly subscription. By adding a VPN to your internet network, you can enjoy your service with the best comfort.

Use A MAC Address Filter Service

Media Access Controllers (MACs) allow you to use your routers to weed out unwanted devices from your network. Turning on your MAC address filtering can keep online hackers from breaching your network even if they have your password.

To enable this service, you would head to your router's menu and search for the MAC Filter option. Each device has its own MAC address that can connect to an internet network. Once you do, enter the addresses of the devices you want to include in your network. After you complete these steps, switch on the MAC address filtering service.

With MAC filtering options, you can give your network access to an extra layer of security. When choosing internet providers, look to add a MAC address filter service to your plan. Measures like these will help bring you peace of mind when using your internet service.

Keep Your Routers Safe From Hackers With A WPA2 Key

Since your router is the source of your internet service, you'll want to ensure it is safe from cyberattacks. Routers help filter out unauthorized people from your service and give you protection.

The best way to keep your router safe is to use a WPA2 key for your Wi-Fi. Newer models usually come with a WPA2 already, but older models use WPA or WEP. Non-WPA2 routers use default information that can be easy for hackers to breach.

WPA2 keys can help you address these issues with more secure password tech options. You also can change the SSID of your router to a name difficult for hackers to know. With these practices, you can prevent online attacks and be safe as you use your internet.

Make Sure Your Antivirus Software Works

Antivirus software can help prevent malware from getting a hold of your internet service. As you decide on internet providers, you'll want to perform tests on your software. Taking this step will ensure that your software works properly.

An EICAR file is a great way to test out your antivirus software. While these files are harmless, the antivirus will treat them as an actual virus. You can download an EICAR file with either a series of ZIP files or by downloading it by itself.

These measures help you track the performance of your antivirus without exposing your connection to an actual threat. With this file, you can ensure your antivirus software is ready to protect you from real viruses.

Change Your Router IP Address

It can be easy for online hackers to find your default IP address. Some of them can even find your address online. To provide your service with the best protection, look to change your router's IP address.

The best way to adjust your IP address is to head to your router admin menu. Once you arrive there, head to your network settings, change your IP address and hit save. With these steps, you'll obtain the new IP address you can use to access your router.

These measures will give you an extra layer of protection from online attacks. You'll also be able to feel safer when you surf the web.

Create A Separate Network For IoT Devices

IoT (Internet of Things) devices usually have less security than computers and mobile devices. They can connect to your internet service and collect your data.

Here are some examples of IoT devices that can impact your online security:

  • Amazon and Google voice assistants
  • Exercise trackers
  • Refrigerators
  • Smartwatches

The more IoT devices that connect to your internet, the more likely hackers can breach your service. To avoid these scenarios, look to create a separate VLAN Wi-Fi network for your IoT devices.

VLAN networks help separate your devices with sensitive data into one network and your IoT devices to the other. With these precautions, you can eliminate the risk of hackers using less secure IoT devices as access points.

Before you obtain service with internet providers, keep these tips in mind to ensure a safer connection.

Stay Up To Date With Router Firmware

Keeping your router firmware up to date will help keep your network secure. Older versions of it may have loopholes hackers can potentially breach.

Some routers let you check the management interface menu for updates. A few versions of them may even make automatic updates on your behalf. You can also check the router support website for possible updates for your router model.

Preventative measures like these will help you avoid computer virus outbreaks and secure your internet service.

Seek Internet Providers That Will Prioritize Your Online Safety

When you seek internet providers, look to plans that help maximize your security online. By taking steps to prioritize your internet safety, you'll be able to enjoy your service, no matter your zip code.

At Teleful Connect, we work to ensure that you find a provider that will meet your exact needs. Contact us today and let us help you secure the best internet deal for your home.